equadratures is first and foremost a scientific organisation with a global footprint. We are proud to make freely available the various modules and codes we develop, and see their use across a range of data science problems.

Primary Developers


Ashley Scillitoe

  • Machine learning

  • Web dev, testing & CI

  • Cloud computing


Chun Yui (Nicholas) Wong

  • Sparse regression

  • Dimension reduction

  • Bayesian inference


Bryn Noel Ubald

  • Code refactoring

  • Virtual reality


Andrew Duncan

  • Bayesian inference

  • Dimension reduction

  • Numerical analysis


Pranay Seshadri

  • Founder

  • Approximation theory

  • Uncertainty quantification

Past Contributors


equadratures has been supported by numerous grants; it was founded through an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Knowledge Transfer Fellowship (KTF) from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge in 2016. Since 2018, the project has been supported by Wave 1 of The UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund under the EPSRC Grant EP/T001569/1, particularly the Digital twins for aeronautics theme within that grant, and by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation-Alan Turing Institute programme on Data-Centric Engineering under the LRF grant G0095. The project is also grateful to the financial support of Jesus College Cambridge and the Cambridge Trusts.

equadratures is proudly a NumFocus affiliate organisation and has benefitted from their stewardship of open-source science and code. It has also been a mentoring organisation for the Google summer of code program in 2020 and 2021.