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download equadratures

The code can be downloaded via the python package index by typing the following command into a terminal window

pip install equadratures

It is freely available under an MIT license. For details on the license, please see our Github page. Note that we build other tools on top of equadratures and their licenses may be more restrictive. As for equadratures itself, it has and will continue to remain as accessible as possible. This forms one of the founding tenets and driving ethos behind all that we do.

Current code and download statistics are given below.

https://pepy.tech/badge/equadratures https://pepy.tech/badge/equadratures/month https://pepy.tech/badge/equadratures/week https://pypi.python.org/pypi/equadratures https://pypi.org/project/equadratures/

Some of the technical keywords associated with this code are: polynomial surrogates, polynomial chaos, polynomial variable projection, Gaussian quadrature, Clenshaw Curtis, polynomial least squares, compressed sensing, gradient-enhanced surrogates, supervised learning, active subspaces, Bayesian inference, Lasso.