This page has everything you need to get started with equadratures.



To download and install the code please use the python package index command:

pip3 install equadratures

or pip3 can be replaced with python -m pip, where python is the python version you wish to install equadratures for. Use of a virtual enviroment such as virtualenv or pyenv is also encouraged. Alternatively you can click either on the Fork Code button or Clone on Github, and install from your local version of the code.

For issues with the code, please do raise an issue on our Github page; do make sure to add the relevant bits of code and specifics on package version numbers. We welcome contributions and suggestions from both users and folks interested in developing the code further.

Our code is designed to require minimal dependencies; current package requirements include numpy, scipy and matplotlib.


Code documentation for equadratures can be found by clicking on the links below.